A Boy's Life in Pictures, from 0 to 1

"The days are long but the years are short". I've often seen this quote on family photography websites. It really is true, but never more so than during the first year of your baby's life.

You blink and you newborn goes from this...

... to this in the span of a year.

If there's a time to splurge on photography, it's during the first year of life. Your child will never change as much as in his first year. From a sleepy newborn who is 100% dependent on you to thrive, to a rambunctious one year old, climbing, exploring and constantly keeping you on your toes.

I recently photographed this little guy for the third time in a year. I first took pictures of him a few days after he came home from the hospital. He slept almost the entire time, but was awake long enough to take his first bath ever.

Around 6 months old, he was just starting to sit with support and tasted his first solids while I was capturing life at home with mom Allison. What was on the menu? Kale. Yum? Hmmm, not so much.

And just last month, one year to the day from his newborn photo session, this little man ran all over the place. Mom Allison would put him down and he would just run non-stop. He only sat for bubbles and when I bribed him with a ball. He was curious and oh so joyful.

Lifestyle and documentary sessions are perfect for toddlers. You can't expect a toddler to sit for pictures, and would you want to? Would it show how your child really is? Let him run, let him explore, even during a photo session. This little guy had a blast because we let him be himself.

I offer an upgrade after a newborn photo session. You get 20% off your next two family sessions within the first year of your baby's life. You schedule them whenever you want during that time. When your baby is sitting on his own, or crawling, or rolling over, it's up to you. Not only will you and your child have great pictures to illustrate his first year, but you both will also have pictures of you during your first year together.


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