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Exploring the edge between Fairmount Park and Brewerytown

Welcome! I'm very excited to be launching my new photography site and blog. I look forward to meeting many Philadelphia area families and capturing little pieces of their lives. My posts here will be split between featuring client photoshoots and picture stories of my kids' outings around Philadephia. My personal posts will be like a guide of family friendly excursions and unique places to explore in the area. Children find the simplest things fascinating so it's easy to entertain them by just walking out the door and strolling down the street.

I've loved living in Philadelphia for the past 20 years, as a young adult always on the go and now as a mother, rediscovering the city through my kids' eyes. Going on a walk, even to a familiar place, always leads to new discoveries. What did we encounter on our mother's day stroll in Brewerytown?

boy crossing train bridge in fairmount
boy waiting for a train

Empty tracks longing for a train... or rather my son hoping for a choo-choo

children picking flowers on lemon hill

Pretty little yellow wild flowers

philadelphia skyline with art museum

A beautiful view of the city with no one in sight

boy running on lemon hill
boy on balance bike
boy playing shuffle board at rybrew

A shuffle board (is that what it's called?)

girl drinking soda at rybrew

Her first soda (she never dared drink one before, "too spicy" she'd say)

children at rybrew

A napkin dispenser that blew my son's mind.

children looking at cats in window

Last but not least: cats in a window. I'm not sure who was more entertained here, the kitties or the kiddies.

My husband and I often let the kids lead when we go out, they ride ahead of us and take us places. I love how in the art museum area you can go from this urban view...

children on their bikes in brewerytown

... to a jungle like forest in just under a 10 minute walk.

child on lemon hill

Here's a map outlining the path we took during our little adventure:

All in all it was just under 3 miles. We took our time, stopped whenever the kids wanted to pick flowers or play with sticks, had a quick dinner at Rybrew, then headed back home. Having them ride a bike or a scooter is a really fun way for them to go the distance, and it's good exercise after drinking that super sweet creme soda (she only had a few sips, really).

boy on balance bike in brewerytown


Check out my Instagram accounts where I post pictures daily: childhood photography @blinckphotography or landscape and street photography @filladelphie.

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