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Baby, mommy, grandma, grandpa and kale

I recently photographed Baby G. for the second time since he was born. It was a special session that also included extended family: grandma and grandpa. Along with mom Allison, they got to witness a first in this little boy's life.

I first met Baby G. shortly after he came home from the hospital. He was a perfect model then and by the end of this photoshoot a few weeks ago, he was a seasoned pro.

He was a serious baby at first, but smiling is optional when you are this cute.

7 month old baby portrait

He needed some reassurance from mom in the beginning.

mom and baby boy on bed

baby boy from above

Above is my favorite picture of the entire shoot. I love the hint of smile coming out of the corner of his mouth. He's an observant little boy, he doesn't give a smile freely, you have to be deserving to get one. Here you can tell he was just starting to get comfortable with me and was like "she's OK, maybe I'll smile for her".

smiling baby boy in bumbo seat
smiling baby boy in crib

He cuddled with mom for a little while...

mom and baby in front of window, backlit
baby feet
mom and baby boy
mom and baby looking at themselves in mirror

Then he got a surprise visit from Grandpa and Grandma.

grandpa and baby
grand-parents with baby
black and white picture of baby with hands
smiling baby with grandpa

Shortly after he was born, I got to document baby G.'s first bath, and this time around, I captured him eating his first solid food: kale. Did he like it? Let's see...

baby eating his first solids
baby eating his first solids

This is what I love about photography, capturing a moment that will never happen again. Him eating solids for the first time ever, this was it, no second take. It's such an important milestone. As a mother myself I know how bittersweet such a moment can be. It's exciting to see your child discover something new, but it also means he's growing up and becoming more independent. Everyone in the room was all smiles watching him eat, including myself, and it was quite special to be there to document it.

Despite his original reaction, he asked for more and knew just what to do with that spoon, chew on it. Then he moved on to Gran-pa's finger, much more interesting.

baby chewing on spoon
baby chewing on finger

We finished the session with a short walk outside. By then, baby G. was ready to move on to more interesting things, so we called it a day.

mom and baby in front of colorful wall
mom and baby on philadelphia street

There's nothing I love more than seeing a baby go through the milestones of his first year and getting to document it. His next session will be when he's about to walk, and I'm already looking forward to it.


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