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Photographing a 1 year old and a 3 year old? Challenge accepted.

Photographing little kids is no easy task, but I look at it as a fun adventure with lots of unpredictable moments. My latest session is a perfect example.

A couple weeks ago, I got to photograph one of my favorite families, for the 5th or 6th time? I've lost count. I started taking pictures of big sister A. when she was just 5 months old and now she's about to turn 3. Her little brother L. turned 1 the day after this session.

My family photoshoots are about capturing candid moments and genuine connections, but they also include some posed pictures at the beginning of each session, when kids are most willing to listen to directions.

mom and children laughing

Big sister A. was very excited about the photoshoot at first, and more than willing to pose with her brother and mom Nicole

big sister and big brother

mom and kids laughing

Soon however, A. was ready to do her own thing, and showcase her spunky personality.

little girl with sun glasses

She is almost 3 years old which means she knows what she wants, but most of all, she knows exactly what she does not want. And at this point, she did not want to look at the camera anymore. And that was fine by me.

littlegirl with sun glasses

That's when the fun begins and we start playing games to make kids forget the main reason why I am following them around. That's when I get to capture a family's true spirit and love for each other. Some tickling, followed by some bubbles and cuddles in the gorgeous sun, that's the perfect setting for beautiful pictures and meaningful memories.

mom and kids laugthing on steps

little girl playing with bubbles faceless

mom and daughter laughing

Let's not forget about adorable little brother L. He is such a sweet soul, a chill little guy with the cutest dimples. He was perfectly happy sitting in his wagon observing his sister's shenanigans. He was happiest when she came around to spend time with him though and had the biggest smile when mom Nicole cuddled with him.

little boy on radio flyer golden hour

little boy and girl in radio flyer golden hour

little boy on radio flyer golden hour

mom and son cuddling

mom and son cuddling

After 90 minutes of running, jumping, playing and laughing, we called it a day. If these sweet kids think they are done with me however they better think again; we'll be back together in the Fall. I'm sure that by then, little brother L. will be running all over the place as well. I'm gonna have to exercise to be in shape for their next session. Looking forward to it... the session, not the exercising.

family laughing on steps

If you want tangible memories of special moments like these for your own family, feel free to contact me to book a customized session. I'll be happy to hear from you and get to know you and your little ones.


Check out my Instagram accounts where I post pictures daily: childhood photography @blinckphotography or landscape and street photography @filladelphie.

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