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A Fall Session Without Fall Colors

Just like flowers in the Spring, you can't pin point exactly when the beautiful fall colors will be in full display. Turns out my latest family session at Rose Tree park was too early in the season; the trees were still green and the temperatures almost summer like, despite being the middle of October. The colors I hoped for were only going to be the backdrop to my pictures though. Eager kids, curious, and up for anything was way more important to me, and that's what I got.

Family at Rose Tree Park

Family at Rose Tree Park Wide angle

I love capturing friends, as was the case here, because I am more willing to try unconventional things with them and of course it's always a lot of fun to hang out. So what did we try that was a little out there? Well I've seen this done before, and I've always wanted to try it: taking a picture of a child being swung around, but from the parent's perspective. How did I achieve that? Well I basically had to hug dad Peter from behind, really tightly, aim my camera at his daughter's face, hold it snug against his chest, and twirl with him hoping for the best. Hoping that we wouldn't trip each other, hoping I wouldn't somehow shove my camera in his daughter's face and mostly hoping to capture a really fun and unique picture. We did it four times, twice with each kid, no accident, just happy kids who had a blast, and pictures to prove it.

Child Twirling

Child Twirling

Another fun thing we did is a spread out portrait. I'm a big fan of those but they are not always easy to accomplish. We sat little W on the very low roof, she was holding her dad's hand at first but as I started taking pictures she wiggled away and decided to climb up. What I love about this shot is that it really highlights her personality: always on the go, curious and fearless. And I love the contrast between the chill happy smiley parents, 5 year old big sister V posing all pretty, and the rambunctious toddler testing the limits.

Family at Rose Tree Park

Here are a few more shots showing off her exuberant personality.

Toddler licking mother's nose

Toddler lying on the ground

Family at Rose Tree Park

at Rose Tree Park

I love many shots from this session but one my favorite is this one of V, being such a caring and thoughtful big sister to little W. V was always close behind her, almost like watching over her and it was so sweet seeing them interact with each other.

Siblinghood love at Rose Tree Park

big sister holding little sister

V is very creative and she would come up with her own ideas for pictures, like this cool shot with her mom.

Mom and daughter at Rose Tree Park

I love collaborating with clients. I go into a shoot with ideas of what I want, but if the parents or the kids have their own idea I'm all for it. And I love when kids come up with something of their own, because it means they are excited and are having a good time, which along with great pictures, is always my goal, I want them to have fun.

Father and daughters at Rose Tree Park

girl running at Rose Tree Park

In the end, whether the leaves had been yellow, red or.... blue, it would have made no difference. My friends and their kids stole the spotlight, and the pictures shine thanks to them.

family lifting kids against the sky

To inquire about a family session like this one, contact me here. I offer on location photo sessions, in Center City and the Philly suburbs.



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