I look at a home as another person to photograph, and the environment that is central to your family's identity. When I photograph your family, I not only photograph what you look like, but also who you are. That includes your home, where the heart of your family lives.

Back in the spring, I walked by Sweet Nectar Dessert Kitchen in Philly and glanced inside to notice what seemed like a baking class for kids. That stuck with me for months, thinking how it would be the perfect setting for my daughter's seventh birthday in November. I wanted something intimate, educational, fun, and unique....

Video of my favorite pictures of 2017.

Since the beginning of December, I've noticed several people walking their christmas tree home around our Philly neighborhood. I find it comical but I also love it. That's the beauty of living in a walkable city, you can do so many things by foot, including picking up your tree at the local christmas tree pop-up sho...

"The days are long but the years are short". It really is true, but never more so than during the first year of your baby's life.

A few weeks ago, first time mom Katie invited me into her home to document life with her new baby girl. The photoshoot took place when Baby L. was 6 weeks old,

Just like flowers in the Spring, you can't pin point exactly when the beautiful fall colors will be in full display. Turns out my latest family session at Rose

I love early morning photoshoots. They work so well with kids who are usually happiest then. Check out my latest family session and see why mornings in the city rock!

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